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This is a place for leaders and professionals from all industries to discuss, discover and explore current ideas and issues related to business management, leadership and governance, both here at home and around the world.

As the new CEO of The Australian Institute of Management Victoria and Tasmania (AIM VT), I’ve got a lot of big ideas to share about not just management and leadership, but the future of AIM VT and its Members. But big ideas don’t become great ideas unless they achieve great results, and stepping into a leadership role with any organisation can be a challenging, even daunting process. Lucky for me I have an enormous amount of belief in both the AIM VT brand and the team behind it, and I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to lead the organisation into what I believe will be an extremely bright future.

My vision for AIM VT is to create a strong, consistent and highly valued brand, an authority that managers and leaders can look to not only as a specialist thought-leader, but as a provider and facilitator of ideas and innovation that will influence and inform the Australian business landscape.

This vision will be reflected and supported here on Management Insider, and I encourage all of you to submit comments, feedback and ideas about what you’d like to see here, and how we can use this online space to create a truly relevant, engaging and interactive conversation for the professional community.

My personal leadership philosophy is founded firmly on three things:

1) Be consistent

2) Lead by example

3) You can’t lead a team from behind a closed door.

I hope with this blog to stimulate discussion, encourage debate and invite everyone to consider and share their own point-of-view, philosophy and guiding principles, and how they relate to effective leadership.

We’ll be featuring regular posts from selected guest bloggers including management professionals, leaders, consultants and academics, as well as weekly posts from us about topical issues, insights and innovations in management and leadership. We’ll also keep you up-to-date with all that’s happening here at AIM VT and provide a healthy selection of tips, articles and advice we think you might find useful, helpful or just plain entertaining!

So again, welcome. I’m excited to watch this space grow and find out where it leads us, and I hope you are too. Stay tuned for next week’s blog very timely post-election blog on leadership through times of change.

Until then,

Tony Gleeson FAIM